Adding people dimension to digital transformation

Sydney, 13 March 2019

Adding the people dimension to digital transformation

Partners in Performance announce the launch of an exciting new proposition that brings an

innovative dimension to the “digital transformation” space: adding the people dimension to

digital technologies to deliver the commercial impact elusive to so many traditional


A global management consulting firm, Partners in Performance work alongside their clients

to enable bottom line growth through enhancing the capability, performance, and

effectiveness of people.

The new Digital Practice goes beyond the mere deployment of technology or the

development of a “transformation agenda”: rather, it is focused on delivering lasting

commercial results by working in strong partnership with clients’ people.

A fundamental ethos of the Practice is that technology and people need to work in sync to

deliver commercial results.

“Launching our new digital offer and combining it with a strong people dimension to create

and embed digital change across an organisation brings a fresh approach to the market”

said Skipp Williamson, founder and Managing Director of Partners in Performance.

Gerd Schenkel has joined Partners in Performance to lead the expansion into Digital and

build the firm’s presence in this growing space. One of Australia’s most respected digital

business leaders, Gerd brings more than 15 years’ experience. He has built some of

Australia’s largest and most successful digital businesses: from founder of UBank (for

National Australia Bank), Australia’s largest home grown digital bank, through to Executive

Director of Telstra Digital where he was responsible for the creation and leadership of the

country’s largest digital team and transformation agenda. More recently Gerd was CEO of

Partners in Performance International Pty Ltd / ABN: 48 095 941 263 /

Level 15, 130 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000 / PO Box H52 Australia Square, Sydney NSW 1215, Australia


Tyro Payments, one of Australia’s most successful Fintech. Gerd is currently Chairman of Credit Clear, a digital billing and payments provider.

“I’m very excited Gerd has joined our Leadership Team. With his immense experience, he’ll be instrumental in bringing tangible value to our clients through leading the digital agenda” added Skipp.

From his perspective, Gerd believes there is immense opportunity. “We’ve observed many traditional attempts at digital transformation fail for a variety of reasons, so we are here to close a gap in the market. It has been disappointing to see many organisations being seduced into deploying canned technology as a core part of their digital agendas, overlooking the critical need to design new business models and processes around humans and their needs.”

“With our new service offer, Partners in Performance will provide a fresh approach to how large organisations approach their digital agenda. We will continue the firm’s strong heritage of working as partners with our clients to ensure real and tangible results are actually delivered”

PIP Digital has in-house capability ranging from Technology Architecture to Customer Experience Design, and is reinforced with a range of partners to bring software creation and design capability at scale to the table.

Launched in Australia in 1996, the firm has expanded internationally with offices now in every region: New Zealand, South East Asia, North and South America, Africa, Middle East, Russia and Europe. Partners in Performance has helped clients achieve $4b in bottom line improvements in the past four years. The firm works with clients across diverse industry sectors.

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