Additional CCTV cameras playing major role in crime prevention

The installation of 17 additional CCTV cameras at key locations along Mildura’s riverfront, and in the CBD, is playing a significant role in reducing criminal incidents in these areas.

The new CCTV cameras went online in mid-2019 following a $234,000 funding injection from the Victorian Government’s Community Crime Prevention Program.

The funding was made possible thanks to considerable input and advocacy on behalf of Mildura police in partnership with Mildura Rural City Council.

Cameras were installed near Nowingi Place, the Riverfront Powerhouse, the Langtree Avenue connection and Mildura’s CBD, and have helped deter serious crime in these areas since becoming operational.

Just two criminal incidents have been recorded along the Mildura Riverfront since the new cameras went online, according to the latest 12-month rolling Crime Statistics Agency figures, ending September 2019.

According to Victoria Police, Mildura Rural City Council’s CCTV system plays an integral role in efforts to make the community safer.

Victoria Police report that use of the CCTV cameras has increased exponentially over the past two years due to the enhanced quality and capability of the system.

Footage obtained has led to the identification, apprehension and prosecution of a large number of offenders.

The cameras are also allowing Mildura police members to patrol criminal ‘hot spots’ remotely – in many cases preventing serious crimes before they happen.

Councillor for Community Safety Gavin Sedgmen said that it was pleasing to see Council’s CCTV network playing such a positive role in crime reduction.

“The investment from the Victorian Government was significant, and the benefits for our community are already being seen,” he said.”Our hard-working police officers do a fantastic job in keeping our community safe, however, they have a lot of ground to cover, and it’s pleasing to see our CCTV system playing such a crucial role in firstly deterring crime, and secondly helping to catch serious offenders.

“The new cameras installed along the Mildura Riverfront, the CBD, the Langtree Connection and Nowingi Place have only been operational for a few months, and our community has only just begun to see the positive impact they will have.”

Cr Sedgmen said that the aim of Council’s CCTV system is to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, while improving actual and perceived levels of safety within the municipality.

“Perceptions of safety is a key indicator of the overall health and wellbeing of a community,” he said.

“A safe community is one where people are able to participate and live in an environment without fear or risk of harm or injury, and our CCTV system, and the work of local police, plays a pivotal role in this space.”

Footage from the CCTV network is monitored by Victoria Police and is not accessible to unauthorised personnel.

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