Adjust Introduces User-Level Ad Revenue Reporting

App Publishers Gain Valuable Data Insights into LTV and ARPU with New Ability to Target and Retarget Budget on “Ad Whales” and Improve Cross Promotion

Adjust , the industry leader in mobile measurement and fraud prevention, today launched User-Level Ad Revenue reporting in collaboration with the ad mediation platforms ironSource and Fyber . This release enables app publishers to measure revenue generated from users who engage with in-app advertising. User-Level Ad Revenue has been the missing ingredient that enables marketers to measure user lifetime value (LTV), and optimize retargeting and cross-promotion campaigns.

By 2020, mobile apps are predicted to generate $188.9 billion in revenue via app store purchases and in-app advertising. Ad revenue, generated from in-app advertising, has gained momentum as a viable monetization model for many app publishers: estimates predict a 60% increase in apps monetizing through in-app advertising in 2019 .

“We are excited to introduce Ad Revenue on a user-level together with our partners. These granular, detailed insights into ad revenue and where it actually comes from enables marketers to optimize user acquisition campaigns and drive ROI more effectively,” explained Paul H. Mller, Co-Founder & CTO at Adjust.

Today’s industry standard is based on reporting aggregated and averaged ad revenue data. This prevents app publishers from tying back ad revenue data to user acquisition sources or breaking it down to any segmentation level. The data they receive is aggregated across an entire network, without valuable, granular metrics. As such, in-app ad revenue is shown as equally distributed among a user base; however, the majority of this ad revenue is actually generated by a small group of users – referred to as “ad whales”. These ad whales often make up 80% of the advertising revenue for mobile apps.

“Unlocking User-Level Ad Revenue for ironSource mediation partners, and making it available and actionable through Adjust, allows marketing teams to run true ROAS campaigns – combining full user level IAP and ad revenue data. We’re excited to release this to all of our partners and enable them to accelerate their growth in a truly ROI-positive way,” said Yevgeny Peres, VP Growth Developer Solutions at ironSource.

Ad Revenue gives app publishers an easy and privacy-compliant way to tie back monetization revenue to the source of the user and compare with the cost of acquiring those users. With these new insights, marketers can now calculate average revenue per user (ARPU) and lifetime value (LTV). This data can be used to calibrate their ad spend more efficiently, hone optimizations to reach users that click, and retarget effectively. User-Level Ad Revenue extends Adjust’s continued support of app marketers’ activities with enhanced transparent and accurate data.

About Adjust

Adjust is the industry leader in mobile measurement and fraud prevention. The global company provides high-quality analytics, measurement and fraud prevention solutions for mobile app marketers worldwide, enabling them to make smarter, faster marketing decisions. Adjust is a marketing partner with all major platforms, including Facebook, Google, Snap, Twitter, Line, and Tencent. In total, more than 25,000 apps have implemented Adjust’s solutions to improve their performance. Founded in 2012, today Adjust has global offices in Berlin, New York, San Francisco, So Paulo, Paris, London, Moscow, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Mumbai and Singapore.

In December 2018, Adjust acquired data aggregation platform In January 2019, Adjust acquired the award-winning cybersecurity and AI startup Unbotify. The acquisitions are part of Adjust’s goal to unify advertisers’ marketing efforts and build the best-in-class measurement and fraud prevention tools.

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