AgForce Training – Bridging Gap Project

On 18 August 2023 it was announced that as part of a $160 million Bush Boost, the Queensland Government would fund $8 million for workforce training initiatives that would be delivered by the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) and AgForce, 50% each.

Bridging the Gap.

Aims to directly address the QAIWP aims of building management and leadership capability; enhance resilience and readiness; diversify the workforce; support regional development; address knowledge, skills and training gaps and leverage regional resources and innovative partnerships.

AgForce Training will design, build and deliver three critically important training needs for the industry. These needs are farm essentials training including working safely on a farm, multicultural awareness to assist managers to gain the skills needed to manage people from diverse backgrounds and cultures and a mental health training program for managers to equip them to assist their employees and producers.


A tested curriculum and delivery framework that delivers mental health, cultural awareness, and essential skills to Queensland Agricultural Industry.

Potential major topics addressed are listed under each of the three Programs. Note, these may change as the program goes into full design and receives feedback and wider input.

Mental health for Managers and Owners in Agriculture

  • Awareness of the problem
  • Support facilities, services and networks available.
  • Self-help processes that are pragmatic, proven and scientifically validated.
  • Recognising the symptoms in others in order to prevent issues like suicide and self-harm
  • Implementation plans for workers and employees.

Cultural Awareness for Managers and Supervisors

  • Why you should care about this and what happens when we are culturally insensitive?
  • The basic principles of cultural awareness regardless of which nationality/culture you are working with.
  • Cascading cultural awareness through your team/company/facility

Essential Farm Skills & Safety Fundamentals – Multicultural support

  • Essential Farm Skills including but not limited to:
    • quad bike safety, operating welding equipment, operating a chainsaw, fence mending, operating farm machinery.
    • Personal safety, Sun safe (hydration, clothing, sunscreen, exposure, dangers)
  • Essential Training Equipment sourced including vehicles with lockable storage, chainsaws, welding equipment etc.

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