Latest Agriculture News

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$1.9 million a safe investment in farmers
Better Cotton Initiative boss applauds Australian industry
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AgForce persistence delivers lay pregnancy testing for cattle industry
Time to fix basin plan
Predicting fertility of dairy cows a game changer
Fighting drought with Water for Fodder
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New Biosecurity Advisory Group announced
Council’s Livestock Management Centre celebrates 40th birthday
Getting good soil on farming innovation
Consumers are best advocates for dairy farmers
Farmers welcome biosecurity boost
Grants open export doors to farmers
New QUT Research Centres
Every drop needs to count
Spain’s Horta of Valencia wins recognition on FAO’s global agricultural heritage list
New genomic research to future-proof pasture grasses
Making most of India’s growing food and fibre demand
Producers reminded to tag livestock
Building biosecurity cooperation
Expanding agricultural exports in Asia-Pacific
Millewa farmers get along to a drought drop-in near you
Still best crop summary, only name has changed
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