All black lives matter – Aboriginal Deaths in custody and killing of George Floyd

Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency

The over-whelming outpouring of emotion in Australia at the tragic and very visible killing of George Floyd by the Minnesota Police is now being displayed in relation to the plight of black people – the Indigenous people of Australia.

Over 400 Aboriginal deaths in custody in the last ten years is the least of the racism we experience everyday in our own country. Over the last few weeks, we have tragically lost five young Aboriginal people by suicide in Victoria alone and barely a word has been heard about it.

These deaths are the bad enough but worse than this is the indifference. The indifference to our material poverty, our homelessness, the violence we experience and the removal of our children. The indifference to the daily racism we experience which is not necessarily the overt hate and violence but the insidious discrimination and the unsaid thoughts and the casual racist jokes or

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