Annual survey finds bullying of junior doctors continues

Australian Medical Association

Results of the 2023 Medical Training Survey, summarised in the AMA(SA) Doctors in Training Committee’s annual Hospital Health Check, show little change in rates of reported bullying and other unacceptable behaviour in South Australia’s major teaching hospitals.

AMA(SA) Doctors in Training (DiT) Committee Chair Dr Hayden Cain said the Hospital Health Check showed one in five junior doctors in South Australia experienced bullying, harassment, discrimination or racism during the 12 months before the survey was undertaken in September 2023.

‘As a junior doctor embarking on what I hope will be a long and satisfying career, I’m extremely disappointed that more isn’t being done to stop these behaviours, which are so destructive and damaging in health workplaces,’ Dr Cain said.

Dr Cain said AMA(SA) and the DiT Committee welcomed opportunities to work with SA Health and South Australia’s Local Health Networks to implement recommendations to improve working conditions for junior doctors, support recruitment and retention objectives, and help doctors deliver best-practice care for patients.

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