Are you prepared to isolate?

If you had to suddenly isolate because of COVID today, could you feed your family tonight?

As we adjust to living with COVID, there may be periods of time and that you and your family need to isolate. Don’t get caught out unprepared.

Prepare yourself and others by making alternative arrangements for people or pets that rely on you for care.

Prepare for isolation

Being prepared and planning for isolation will help make the situation less stressful if it happens to you.

If you get COVID-19 or you are a household or household-like contact of someone who has, you must immediately isolate for seven days and you can’t leave your house during this time.

You will have to isolate as soon as you test positive or get notified you are a household or household-like contact.

Planning and preparing for this situation will make things easier if you become infected or exposed to COVID-19 and are required to isolate.

Ten tips to prepare ahead

  1. Get the next dose of your COVID-19 vaccine as soon as you are eligible. Book today
  2. Always have basic medical supplies like a thermometer, pain relief and your regular medications available
  3. Make sure you have enough face masks, hand sanitiser and gloves if you have to isolate
  4. Plan ahead for who can safely deliver supplies if you have to isolate
  5. Plan ahead for home activities to keep you entertained if you have to isolate
  6. Plan ahead for who can look after children or pets if you have to go to hospital
  7. Check for symptoms regularly and get tested as soon as they develop
  8. Have Rapid antigen tests in your house and know your COVID checklists in advance
  9. Keep your home well ventilated (windows open) and have gatherings outdoors
  10. Have an emergency contact list with important phone numbers – including your GP

Get boosted

As of January 2022, COVID-19 third doses (boosters) are available to anyone aged 18 and over who had their second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine four or more months ago. A COVID-19 third dose is strongly recommended to help keep you and your loved ones protected from COVID-19.

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