ASEL 3.0: performance-based access to an alternative minimum pen space allocation

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Updates to Australian standards outlining the minimum animal health and welfare conditions for the export of livestock will take effect from 1 November 2020.

The standards, titled Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock 3.0 (ASEL 3.0), have been updated following a review by an independent expert Technical Advisory Committee.

The standards include a default pen space allocation for cattle exports based on an allometric calculation, an approach supported by the best available scientific evidence. Allometric calculations provide space to an animal based on a number of factors including its weight.

The Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management has decided to amend ASEL 3.0 to provide access to an alternative pen space allocation for all cattle exported from Australia.

The change allows exporters access to a reduced pen space allocation subject to ongoing performance and welfare outcomes. The alternative pen space allocation aligns with the pen space available under the current standards (ASEL 2.3).

All currently licenced exporters will have access to the alternative pen space allocation from the standards’ commencement on 1 November, and ongoing access will be dependent on meeting the access criteria set out in the Alternative Minimum Pen Space Allocation Policy available on the department’s website by clicking here.

The department will closely monitor exporter compliance with the new standards and is now considering options for ongoing public reporting. Publication of exporter performance information will commence from 1 February 2021.

Clear and accessible exporter performance data not only underpins public confidence, it is an essential resource for producers to make informed decisions about the exporter they select.

There are no changes to the sheep pen space allocations described in ASEL 3.0.

The Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock 3.0 set the requirements for all livestock exports from Australia by sea and air.

For more information click on Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock.

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