Australia’s exquisite secret


Sydney, Australia – 9 August 2023 – Australia holds a secret hidden within its vast and mostly remote landscape…Some of the world’s most exquisite gems, available this week during TVSN’s Australian Gem Event, 7-13 August 2023.

Journey with us through the wonders of Australian gems, boasting rare and captivating qualities that make them truly exceptional.

  1. The Kings Plains Sapphire: A truly mesmerising gemstone with a rich history

The Kings Plains Sapphire, a gem of mesmerising charm shines not only due to its captivating beauty but also its inherent rarity and Royal Blue hue that evokes a sense of opulence and majesty. With a history spanning over 2,500 years, sapphires have held profound symbolism.

Hailing from the Wilson Gems Mine in Inverell, NSW, the Kings Plains deposit’s historical significance stretches back to its discovery in 1854. It stands as a paragon of clarity, achieving the highest grade possible for coloured gemstones. Crafted by skilled lapidaries, each gem is meticulously faceted to preserve its brilliance while maintaining optimal weight.

A lesser-known fact is that Australia has been a prominent global source of sapphires, with the nation supplying 70% of the world market in the late 1980s. The Wilson Gems Mine, a fourth-generation family operation helmed by the experienced miner Jack Wilson, not only attests to the gem’s enduring legacy but also exemplifies environmentally conscious practices. With mined land transformed into lush pastures adorned with native flora, the mine’s rehabilitation processes have garnered recognition from the Australian Department of Mineral Resources.

  1. Black Opal: The King of Opals

Discovered in 1902 at Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Black Opal reigns as the world’s rarest and most valuable opal variety.

Its body colour allows for beautiful contrast and intensity, giving it an unparalleled allure. With its unique “play of colour,” displaying captivating flashes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet, Lightning Ridge Black Opal appears to contain a trapped rainbow.

Each opal is a work of art, expertly cut to accentuate its innate beauty, making it a coveted choice for elite jewellers and connoisseurs.

  1. Australian Black Jade: A Royal Gem Reborn

A twist on an ancient gemstone, Australian Black Jade is a variety of Nephrite Jade found in South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. Revered in cultures across the globe, Jade holds a rich history.

Australian Black Jade’s dark beauty and rarity make it a treasured addition to any jewellery collection. With its intriguing journey from being a blanket term for various jade varieties to its establishment as a unique gem, Australian Black Jade stands as a symbol of resilience and timelessness.

  1. Australian Turquoise: A Colourful Tale of History and Beauty

Hailing from Broken Hill in New South Wales, Australian Turquoise is a rare gemstone with fascinating coffee/chocolate eggshell and spider web patterns. Its colourful history spans multiple civilisations, including Egypt, Persia, Mongolia, and Native American cultures.

The gem’s alluring hues and mottling add a touch of vibrancy to any style or personality. Uncover the fascinating journey of Turquoise, from its early mining in ancient Egypt and Persia to becoming a cultural chameleon admired by diverse societies.

  1. Australian Lattice Sunstone: A Fiery Dance of Light

The Australian Lattice Sunstone is a gem of mesmerising beauty, boasting a triple combination of exceptional features, found in the Northern Territory’s remote Harts Range.

Its fiery-orange aventurescence, delicate shimmering adularescence, and distinct midnight black latticing create a unique light dance. Occasionally, it displays a colourful, rainbow-like iridescence, splitting light into a stunning spectrum of colours. Precise orientation during the lapidary is crucial to reveal its striking lattice patterns and parallel lines. This gem is an exceptionally rare find, making it a highly sought-after treasure among collectors.

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