Australian elderly access vital COVID-19 help at home


As a result of the corona virus (COVID-19) Australian’s are being urged to stay safely in their homes. This is proving to provide huge challenges in delivering vital healthcare services.

There is now a new platform which makes it easy for Australians and their loved ones to browse, book, and pay, for thousands of qualified care workers instantly using a government funding package or credit card. All workers are certified in infection control and provide local help, home delivered.

The app provides access to thousands of registered nurses, therapists and qualified support workers, all available to book instantly.

As part of the National Disability Insurance Agency’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, NDIS participants are now being matched with mobility via their new platform, which was launched yesterday. It can be found here

“Mobility works for everyone who needs support in their home. Thousands of skilled and certified workers have already joined up and are ready to work in their local areas. All of these workers undergo stringent verification identity checks and training to ensure they are safe and qualified to help with home care, domestic help, therapy, specialised support, or even babysitting.

It empowers Australian’s to take control of the care delivered to their families,” said CEO Penny Kee.

Backed by a large Australian digital and human services team, mobility track’s care workers and sends alerts anytime care is being delivered.

“During this time you can only take the best precautions necessary, we are reducing the risks for the elderly by allowing them to stay safe in their homes for longer,” Penny added.

Janie Lamb lives in Sydney but her elderly mother is in Melbourne. “I know that my Mum is safe because I can see who is coming and going from her home on the app. mobility also assures workforce quality control which equals peace of mind for me. Just as important is the fact that mobility takes the worry out of who is caring for mum, especially when I live in another state. All of the providers are trusted and credible and I know my Mum is always in safe hands. That is most important.”

All providers use Electronic Visit Verification and have GEO tracking so they can be located at all times.

Safety has been prioritised for both participants and workers. “There is also an emergency panic alarm that can be activated when shaking your phone which calls an emergency contact,” said Penny.

The app is now live and can be

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