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NT Covid update 19 January 2022
Booster interval brought forward to three months
NT Covid update 19 January
Veterinary services are being highly impacted by Omicron, but states haven’t changed definitions and animals are suffering
AIHS calls for free Rapid Antigen Testing for Australian workers and stronger national COVID workplace guidance
Why Novak Djokovic’s visa debacle matters
Unions to demand new Covid safe plans from all employers, free RATs for community and will take action to ban unsafe work
TGA recognises Gamaleya Institute vaccine for international travel to Australia
Council well-prepared for COVID peak
Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Professor Michael Kidd’s opinion piece on what to do if you, or family member
Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Professor Michael Kidd opinion piece on what to do if you, or family member, tests positive for Covid
What causes long COVID symptoms? Clues from under microscope
Scientists uncover ‘resistance gene’ in deadly E. coli
Protective gene variant against Covid identified
Audit finds surgery remains safe in Victoria despite significant decrease in presentations due to Covid
SA on front foot with Omicron outbreak
What Covid Pandemic Has Taught Us About Flu Vaccines
Genetic discovery to improve breeding for disease resistance in wheat
Future food and new secret weapon
Premier must rectify failure to address work from home arrangements during COVID
Interim Statement on Covid vaccines in context of circulation of Omicron SARS-CoV-2 Variant from WHO Technical Advisory Group
Top 3 Covid vaccine questions – anxiety with COVID, booster protections, and child Omicron symptoms
Spleen function discovery could lead to better treatments for infectious diseases
First images of enzyme provide insights into cause of hereditary neurological disease
Government must immediately suspend mutual obligations to reduce COVID risk
IEU demands consultation and clarity around return to school
Child with meningococcal disease 7 January
Best time for COVID vaccination in pregnancy may be now
Common osteoporosis medication boosts immune response in lun
Covid vaccinations update
Faster checkouts could reduce virus spread at stores
With right balance against Omicron
Free Rapid Antigen Tests for all is matter of equity: PHAA & AMA
TGA grants provisional determination to AstraZeneca Pty Ltd for Covid prophylaxis and treatment, tixagevimab and cilgavimab
NT Covid update 3 January
NT Covid update 3 Jan
T cells fit to tackle Omicron, suggests new study
South Australia Covid update as at 2 January 2022
South Australia Covid update as at 1 January 2022
Adult with meningococcal disease 31 December
South Australia Covid update as at 31 December 2021
ACOSS calls for access to free rapid antigen tests for people on lowest incomes
National Cabinet Update 30 December
NT Covid update 30 December
South Australia Covid update as at 30 December 2021
Carinity Colthup Manor
South Australia Covid update as at 29 December 2021
Child with meningococcal disease 29 December