Australian Prime Minister Television Interview 29 March

Prime Minister

Happy Easter, Prime Minister. And welcome to the Victorian institution that is the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. We believe you have some very important news for us today.

ANTHONY ALBANESE, PRIME MINISTER: I do indeed. I want to reconfirm that my Government will be contributing $6 million over three years. This is such an amazing charity. It’s a charity that cares for our youngest Australians and their families, and not just in traditional ways of providing that healthcare directly, but also in the support services that are there, including a groundbreaking mental health campus support for children, but also for their families at what can be a really difficult time. As well as, of course, the research that’s done there which is world-leading as well.

MITCHELL: That is fantastic news and there will be a lot of people very happy to hear that we’re getting $6 million, $2 million for the next three years each year, which is wonderful. It looks like a lovely day in Canberra. Have you taken Toto for a walk yet?

PRIME MINISTER: It is a lovely day. She’s just sitting, perhaps in shot just near me. It’s a beautiful day in Canberra. I’m looking forward to spending Easter here as well. And I do want to take the opportunity to wish all of your viewers a happy, and for those of the Christian faith, of course, a holy Easter as well. This is an important time for people of faith and it is also a chance for me to remind people as well, it can be a difficult time. So, please, if you’re travelling, be safe on our roads.

MITCHELL: Prime Minister, we appreciate your support and thanks for joining us with that wonderful announcement and have a happy Easter yourself.

PRIME MINISTER: Thanks so much. And just a shout out as well to the carers, the nurses, the doctors, those people who provide such incredible support there for our young Australians and for their families as well when they’re going through health issues and dealing with them. They are heroes. We really recognised them properly, I think, during the pandemic. But it’s important to remember that each and every day those people in our health sector who help out their fellow Australians.

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