Boyce And Landry Back Cq Manufacturers

Colin Boyce MP

Federal Member for Flynn, Colin Boyce will host the Shadow Assistant Minister for Manufacturing, Michelle Landry in the Flynn electorate this week.

Mr Boyce said the Flynn electorate is the economic engine room of Australia and is a large producer of the materials and products needed by both domestic and international consumers.

“I thought it was important for the Shadow Assistant Minister for Manufacturing to see firsthand the manufacturing sector in Gladstone considering the industry employs over 5,700 people in the Flynn electorate,” Mr Boyce said.

“Manufacturing in Gladstone consists of aluminium smelting, LNG plants, chemical and cement facilities, oil refineries and steel fabrication with many of the goods being exported out of the Port of Gladstone.

“These industries are critical to the Central Queensland economy by providing employment opportunities and contributing to the prosperity, growth, and resilience of the region.”

Ms Landy said Australian manufacturing forms the bedrock of our economy and the Gladstone region is a powerhouse for pushing forward our nation’s prosperity but are facing ever growing challenges.

“Regional manufacturers are the driving force behind our economy, but they are being hit with higher energy costs, difficulty accessing a skilled workforce and a Labor government that’s creating policies on the fly,” Ms Landry said.

“Based on the official Australian insolvency statistics, published by ASIC in January, there has been a significant increase in manufacturing insolvencies under Labor’s watch. The data showed that by the midpoint of the 2023-24 financial year, 243 manufacturing businesses have already entered insolvency. This figure is approximately three times greater than the same period just two years ago under the Coalition government.

“Australian manufacturing needs the support of strong economic management and getting the basics right, like affordable and reliable energy, less red tape and an incentive-based tax system.

“I look forward to meeting with a number of some Australia’s best manufacturers to hear how just how they contribute to our economy and what can be done to help them grow and flourish.”

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