Opyl expands coverage TrialKey of clinical trial prediction and design optimisation

Opyl (ASX:OPL) has confirmed the recent expansion of its TrialKey.ai AI-driven platform. It says this marks a significant milestone in clinical trial prediction and design optimisation.

The company said that by widening TrialKey’s coverage from 65,000 to 350,000 trials, Opyl has significantly bolstered its capacity to offer comprehensive insights into clinical research and design complexities.

TrialKey analyses the free-text entries recorded by clinicians in clinical trials, extracting information such as dosages, administration methods, mechanisms of action, and inclusion/exclusion criteria.

The company said the expanded coverage of TrialKey now encompasses a diverse array of trials, ranging from those involving medical devices to alternative therapies and non-randomised drug control trials.

“Expanding our coverage now means that our clinical design module can be utilised on any trial worldwide, regardless of phase,” said interim CEO Saurabh Jain.

“Moreover, TrialKey’s algorithm has uncovered that over half of the trials conducted globally could have been significantly enhanced by addressing simple trial design optimisation opportunities. By pinpointing these readily addressable changes that can boost the likelihood of success. TrialKey empowers stakeholders to rectify design flaws proactively. Considering that the typical phase of a 2 study, these pre-emptive adjustments not only save time and money but also heighten the probability of advancing to FDA approval.”

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