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UNSW’s Info Day today is now an online-only event
Nsw Government weekly update
Statement on release of auditor-general’s report into service NSW’S handling of personal information
State and local partnership supports grassroots basketball community
Mitsubishi’s 10-year conditional warranty allowed to stand
SUDA Pharmaceuticals announces ‘firm commitments’ on capital raise
Early lockdowns were key in reducing ultimate COVID-19 spread, Baker Institute paper finds
MYEFO fails to provide hope or confidence for 2021 to millions on low incomes
Aerosol sunscreens less reliable than creams and lotions
Headspace reminding young people to look after their mental health as year 12 students receive exam results
Byron Shire southern coastline survey
ILR initiative bridging gap between legal system, employment
Kempsey’s libraries take a first step into future
New Insights into Fragile X Syndrome and Fetal Brain
New, ultrastable tetrahedral “chiral zinc” added to synthetic chemistry toolbox
Architect appointed for $18.3 million education support facilities in Kalamunda
New traineeships for year 12 school leavers
‘Tasting Qualities’: what a good cup of tea tells us
Study IDs Four Things That Make People Feel Good About Using Chatbots
Farthest galaxy in universe
Gambling rates dropped during height of COVID restrictions
Hallucinations induced in lab could be key to better understanding and treatment
Australian footballer Jada Whyman awarded inaugural Sydney Roosters & Easts Group Minerva Scholarship
McGowan Government commits $20.9 million to redevelop Derby District High School
Strengths and vulnerabilities of teen skateboarders revealed in Otago study
No false certainty
Edible Marine Snail Now Contains A New Species
An active summer in Hobsons Bay
Making a move in Keiraville and Gwynneville – Wollongong
Australia’s first ‘Block Model’ students graduate from VU
Immutep updates on AIPAC breast cancer study and announces new trial
Environment to benefit from five-year plan
New Study Tests Machine Learning on Detection of Borrowed Words in World Languages
EROSITA finds large-scale bubbles in halo of Milky Way
Council considers accessibility framework
Smartphone intervention targets problem procrastination
Failing education standards won’t help wellbeing
Focus on human factor in designing systems
Fans show confidence in return to sports events
KPMG named among top three global services providers for automation, AI and smart analytics by HFS Research
New guidance on regulatory changes for custom-made medical devices
World’s Smallest High-performance Magnetic Tunnel Junction
Humans aren’t only species to use medicine, sparrows do too
Testing, support vital for post-lockdown PrEP
A new study in Melbournes west aims to prevent heart failure
HRI researchers take steps to prevent peripheral artery disease
New findings on wind farms and sleep disruption
How Do We Separate Factual from Possible? New Research Shows How Our Brain Responds to Both