Building Foundations for New Era of Coaching

Football Australia is undertaking a new development known as the Foundation of Football course, which is aimed at bringing a new structure to coach education in alignment with international conventions.

The origins of this initiative by Football Australia come from the desire to standardise coach education courses in line with the AFC and UEFA conventions. As a part of this endeavour, the previous coaching diploma program will be divided into two parts: the Foundation of Football and the C Licence Part 2. This alignment will simplify the process of recognising coaching qualifications internationally.

The Foundation of Football course has two primary target audiences, the first are individuals embarking on their coaching journey, while the second is composed of parents and volunteer coaches frequently called upon to guide young players in grassroots football. The course aims to equip them with essential skills for creating a safe and positive learning environment for players.

The Foundation of Football is a standalone course and not merely a module. The central focus of the course is to empower coaches to establish a safe and enjoyable environment for young players. It offers guidance on conducting engaging training sessions and provides pre-designed training plans for an entire season, alleviating coaches from the task of creating them themselves.

The practical component of the course encompasses various aspects of the game, such as playing formats and fundamental skills like dribbling, passing, receiving, and finishing. However, the primary emphasis is on coaching methods that foster an appropriate learning environment.

While the course primarily targets children aged 5 to 11, the course is tailored to beginners and novices, making it suitable for adult teams with limited experience.

The rollout plan for the Foundation of Football course involves presentations by Football Australia to the technical departments and course educators at each Member Federation, for implementation within their respective territories.

The groundwork had been laid for the launch of the Foundation of Football Coaching Course around Australia.

With a strong commitment to safety, quality, and effective coaching, the initiative aims to make a significant impact on grassroots football in Australia, providing a new beginning and a platform for the development of future football talents in the country.

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