Burnside a Small Business Friendly Council


In a joint statement the City of Burnside Mayor, Anne Monceaux, and CEO, Chris Cowley, announced today that Burnside is now a Small Business Friendly Council.

“We are pleased to announce that in line with our new Strategic Plan to support the local economy and our small businesses, the City of Burnside has been formally accepted as a Small Business Friendly Council (SBFC) by the South Australian Small Business Commissioner, John Chapman. This is an important initiative that will foster an equitable and more supportive environment for local businesses, ” the Mayor and CEO said.

The SBFC Initiative aims to assist Council in enabling economic development, enhancing local relationships, boosting networking and encouraging business opportunities. Burnside Council will work towards meeting specific goals of the SBFC Charter and staff will have access to information sharing and networking between Councils across the State – including workshops, newsletters and case studies.

Mayor Monceaux said that as leaders in the community Council recognises the invaluable contribution local businesses make to the City’s economy, in creating employment opportunities and providing a sense of community. Local government has an important role to play in stimulating economic development, for when you buy locally, your money stays locally.

“We intend to support them through the challenges of starting, running and growing their ventures. We want to provide every opportunity for COB businesses to succeed, reduce red tape and provide for initiatives to help small business owners feel less isolated and access training that is focused on their needs,” the Mayor said.

The City of Burnside will also continue our partnerships with business organisation Propel SA and the Eastern Region Alliance (ERA) Economic Development Group to provide invaluable networking and mentor services to our businesses.

“With the right support, small businesses will thrive in our prosperous, adaptive and much valued City, and overcome the many challenges that have presented themselves during this difficult year. This new affiliation will provide support and incentives for success in the future,” the Mayor said.

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