Businesses need clarity as COVID-19 impact worsens

Tasmanian Labor
  • Decline in customer activity threatening business viability
  • Businesses ‘not on the closure list’ are confused about whether they can close
  • Struggling businesses need reassurance that support is available if they close
  • Governments must do more to communicate the support available to businesses affected by COVID-19.

    Labor Leader Rebecca White said too many businesses are trying to keep their doors open in the mistaken belief they won’t be supported to close.

    “I have been contacted by many businesses who want the government to shut them down.

    “Many of them are seeing a huge drop in customer activity and many are worried about the health and safety implications of remaining open.

    “Yet they’re staying open because they don’t believe they have an alternative.”

    Ms White said this is a sign of the confusion in the community.

    “These businesses need clear advice from government to reassure them that they can access support if they need to close their business.

    “Businesses don’t need to wait to be added to the list of closed services. They can take matters into their own hands if they have cashflow or health and safety concerns.

    “Employers know they have an obligation to provide a workplace that protects workers’ health and safety. Nobody wants to put their staff in an unsafe position.

    “The message from government must be that if employers are worried about health and safety they can close, and there will be government support available to them if they do so.”

    Rebecca White

    Labor Leader

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