Latest Tasmanian Labor News

Ferguson delivers embarrassing glossy brochure instead of genuine Gender Budget
National Rental Affordability Scheme
Michael Ferguson wrecks Tasmania’s Budget at his first attempt
Protection for workers should be paramount in protest debate
Out-of-touch, heartless Liberals vote down Cost of Living Taskforce
Rockliff doing nothing to prevent Tasmanians evicted into homelessness
Archer finally recognises Public Trustee issues
Liberals put $750m floating stadium ahead of wellbeing of Tasmanians
Rockliff-Ferguson budget can no longer ignore dire state of hospitals
Rockliff-Ferguson Budget cannot fail frontline paramedics again
Compulsory voting gives Tasmanians greater say in their communities
Liberals are Streets away from promise on kids and grassroots sports
New report shows depth of housing crisis
Water cash grab brings more pain for Tasmanians
Rockliff-Ferguson Government stumbles at first hurdle in Huon
Barnett walks away from draconian workplace legislation, supports Labor
Archer needs to rule out Mooreville Road court site
Still no decision on northern prison
Rockliff cannot explain where he will find $750 million for stadium
Providing certainty for our sustainable forestry sector
Tasmanians can expect same secrecy and lack of integrity from Rockliff
Premier stumped by basic budget question
40 Days since Parliament last sat
Better Protection for Tasmanian Workers and Workplaces
One year anniversary of unstable and divided government
Schools COVID plan deserves more than hot air
Minister Street on thin ice if he keeps acting like cheapskate
Tasmanians waiting up to 6.5 years for neurosurgery appointments
Housing continues to worsen for Tasmanians
Housing snapshot highlights dire situation
Rockliff barely scratching surface in ambulance crisis
Glenorchy ambulance station joins long list of Liberal failures
Cost of living pressures at crisis point
Liberals crow as economic storm clouds gather
24/7 ambulance stations needed around Tasmania
LGH outbreak underlines need for winter COVID plan
COVID prisons outbreak puts staff and inmates at risk
Unemployment rate up as 4,000 jobs go
Paramedics desperate for more support and better resources
Elise Archer silent on new Liberal leadership as divisions become deeper
Latest Local Government Minister must finally act
Rockliff’s overdue GP patch-up too little, too late
Labor strong, united as chaos reigns in Rockliff ranks
Action on housing – not slogans – is what Tasmanians need from Barnett
Revolving door of Ministers telling sign of Liberals turmoil and instability
What is Liberals winter COVID plan as cases continue to rise?
Tasmanians left out in cold as Ferguson focuses on himself, not housing
Parliamentary pause leaves logging industry in limbo