Latest Tasmanian Labor News

Liberals must work quickly with private hospitals to prevent loss of vital workers
Businesses need clarity as COVID-19 impact worsens
Action needed on childcare as COVID-19 impact worsens
Tougher action needed to save lives
Potential community transmission means lockdown must occur now
Wage subsidy needed now, and for recovery
Spirit of Tasmania issues highlight need for hard lockdown
Labor supports initiatives to protect renters
TT-Line must support strong border measures
Stimulus and support measures must keep pace with COVID-19
Broader shutdown needed in Tasmania
Review of court and prison system urgently needed
Government must support councils so no worker loses their job
Schools must close now
Liberals must increase testing for COVID-19
COVID-19: Schools and non-essential services must close now
Liberals must act on AMA’s call
Government must suspend all forced evictions
Labor welcomes deferral of State Budget
More action needed on COVID-19
Labor supports stronger, decisive COVID-19 action from Government
Liberals need to do more to support small businesses impacted by COVID-19
Financial support needed for Tasmania’s vulnerable
Improved hygiene in schools needed
Courts must adapt to manage COVID-19
Government must implement mandatory quarantine to help manage COVID-19
Without action to tackle COVID-19, stimulus plan will become recovery plan
Government must clarify threshold for action on COVID-19
Premier leaves health workers in dark
Parents and schools need clear and urgent advice on COVID-19
Government must act decisively, swiftly
Labor suspends community forums
Urgent public health action needed
Liberals must ensure stimulus package supports northwest
Information vacuum creates community anxiety
Liberals desperate attempt to salvage Bridgewater Bridge project
Liberals abandon inmates in addiction battle
Stimulus package needed and welcome but overdue
Stimulus package must boost Burnie
Labor Leader honours women in tourism
Dark Mofo cancellation highlights need for urgent stimulus measures
Gutwein fails to show leadership on Launceston gun crime
Hydro head walks away
More support needed for suspected coronavirus patients
Greens use parliamentary privilege to malign police
Liberals fail industry and workers on skills shortage
Exports down, opportunities missed under Peter Gutwein
Cradle Mountain revitalisation project stalls