Latest Tasmanian Labor News

Liberals, David O’Byrne and JLN team up against transparency and openness 15 May 2024
Jobs on the line as Spirits payments and delays exposed 15 May 2024
Does Tasmanian Labor Support Anti-farmer Tax?
Statement From Dean Winter 14 May 2024
Labor focused squarely on jobs in new Parliament 12 May 2024
More health woes as another GP closes its doors 10 May 2024
Another Liberal blowout highlights poor budget management 09 May 2024
Rockliff shuts down greyhound racing on the North West Coast – jobs at risk 08 May 2024
Minister in hiding over North West track disaster 09 May 2024
Will Labor Really Stand Up For Tasmanian Salmon?
Federal Labor’s Biosecurity Tax is an attack on Tasmanian farmers
Backing In Stadium For Jobs 06 May 2024
Tasmania needs industrial manslaughter laws 28 April 2024
Labor candidates offer Tasmanians a positive Legislative Council choice 02 May 2024
Liberal civil war threatens Rockliff’s leadership 23 April 2024
More trouble ahead for Tasmania’s economy under Premier Rockliff 23 April 2024
Supporting Regional Timber Jobs 18 April 2024
Shadow Cabinet reflects Labor’s strong focus on jobs 16 April 2024
Abetz running amok as Liberal civil war spreads 17 April 2024
Statement From Dean Winter 10 April 2024
Labor drops to a 51-49 lead in Newspoll; Labor chooses to concede Tasmanian election
Ferguson’s massive budget black hole still unaccounted for 22 March 2024
Latest Liberal conflict of interest a timely integrity reminder for voters 22 March 2024
RACGP welcomes strong election commitments from parties, but renews warning on payroll tax
The Hon Patrick Gorman MP Doorstop interview – Parliament House
Australian Prime Minister Doorstop interview – Parliament House
Rockliff’s refusal to talk with Leon Compton is weak 21 March 2024
Labor announces massive investment in Kingborough Sports Precinct 21 March 2024
Tasmanian Labor pledges $2m for ACEM’s emergency care training
Rockliff doubles down on support for candidate who called him a ‘tyrant’ 20 March 2024
Pressing fast-forward on energy bill relief to take urgent action on the cost-of-living 20 March 2024
RACGP welcomes Tasmanian Labor commitment to GP training
Labor to deliver thousands more surgeries with New Town hospital 19 March 2024
Ferguson Not Off Hook 19 March 2024
All hands on deck for a better future for housing 18 March 2024
Ferguson must answer questions about his paedophile cop cover up 18 March 2024
Tasmanians’ access to GPs needs a bigger boost: RACGP
Paramedic Workforce Let Down By Liberals 17 March 2024
Abetz speaks out against Premier – will he be first to go under “disloyalty ban”? 17 March 2024
Labor bringing back a public housing workforce for maintenance 16 March 2024
Liberals’ “ramping ban” stopped by the Industrial Commission 16 March 2024
Liberals’ SOS to Labor 10 years into Marinus Project 15 March 2024
10 year anniversary no cause for celebration 15 March 2024
Ambulance wait times spiral under the Liberals decade of neglect 14 March 2024
Hapless Duigan Ducks Energy Debate 14 March 2024
Partnership to unlock 1,500 new dwellings, new ferry terminal in Bridgewater 13 March 2024
Surge in Tasmanians leaving the state after 10 years of Liberals 13 March 2024
Rockliff’s Marinus Mess 12 March 2024