Canadian diplomats sick of Cuba

Canada has pulled half of its diplomatic staff from its Cuban embassy amid ongoing concerns over mysterious health symptoms inflicting North American diplomats there since 2017.

With the latest Canadian diplomat in Havana recently falling ill, it brings that nation’s total cases to 14.

Canadian and United States diplomats in Havana have been suffering dizziness, headaches and nausea from an unknown source – thought to be linked to a mysterious high pitched sound emanating through the diplomatic precincts.

Suggestions that the sound is caused by endemic crickets has been dismissed by the sufferers and those acting legally on their behalf.

The US has already reduced embassy staff in Cuba to 18, from more than 50, as dozens of its diplomats fell ill.

The withdrawal has not helped the US-Cuba relations, which have been severely struggling under the presidency of Donald Trump.

Cuba appears to be cooperating with Canada, however, despite describing the move to withdraw staff as “incomprehensible”.

Canada’s diplomatic staff in Cuba has dropped from 16 to 8.

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