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Heat waves can be deadly for older adults: An aging global population and rising temperatures mean millions are at risk
Microsoft and G42 announce $1 billion comprehensive digital ecosystem initiative for Kenya
Chickens, ducks, seals and cows: a dangerous bird flu strain is knocking on Australia’s door
Avian Influenza Detected In Victoria
Chickens, ducks, seals and cows: a dangerous bird flu strain is everywhere but Australia, for now
University of Adelaide heart specialist receives US honour
Worried your address, birth date or health data is being sold? You should be – and the law isn’t protecting you
Avian Influenza Response
We tracked secret Russian missile launchers in Ukraine using public satellite data
Training the future of mounted combat
Greens Support ICC arrest warrants for Netanyahu, Gallant and Others
$43.9 Million To Boost Fight Against HIV
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Mothers Live Longer As Child Mortality Declines
Biden Must Act To End Assange Prosecution Now
Alcohol use disorder can be treated with an array of medications – but few people have heard of them
Pseudoephedrine Back On Shelves
The ‘dead internet theory’ makes eerie claims about an AI-run web. The truth is more sinister
Contraception options should be given with oral retinoids to avoid serious harm to unborn babies
NT Man Charged With 21 Child Abuse Material Offences
Oral retinoids can harm unborn babies. But many women taking them for acne may not be using contraception
NSW man charged with multiple alleged child abuse-related offences
SA And Maryland Sign AUKUS Pact
US Marine settles into training in the Top End
US Marine ready for anything in the Top End