Vigil For Bondi Junction

Prime Minister

We gather here in Bondi to grieve for all that has been stolen from us.

All the possibility and potential, all the kindness and humanity.

All the love and laughter of the six lives snatched away on that hardest of Saturday afternoon.

We keep this vigil for them – to honour all they were, to pay respect to all they meant.

We mourn for all the years of joy they should have known.

All the memories they should have had the chance to make.

The new life they would have lived, here in their new country.

The success they would have achieved in whatever career they embraced.

The happiness they would have created, the care they would have shown.

The beautiful children they would have raised with such love.

We gather here to remember them, our candles held against the darkness.

And we offer the condolences of this community, our city, our state and our entire nation to all who loved them most.

As we keep this vigil for the six souls we have lost, we keep a place in our heart for everyone affected.

All those who were injured. All those caring for them.

The people still in hospital and those taking the first steps on the hard road to recovery.

Survivors carrying the invisible scars of trauma and fear.

We think of Inspector Amy Scott who ran towards danger.

The security guards who made that same courageous choice.

The first responders who acted with such speed and skill.

And the everyday people who could never have imagined they would face such a moment and yet when that sternest test arrived, their first instinct was to help others, people that they did not know.

We think of everyone still trying to come to terms with the hole in their life where a loved one should be.

To the families and friends who are here with us – and to all who are with us in spirit.

Please know this – that every Australian is thinking of you.

We are with you.

As a community, as a country.

Today, tomorrow and always.

May those we have lost, rest in eternal peace.

Forever in our hearts.

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