Canterbury Police Disappointed With Driving Behaviour

As stated by Sergeant John Hamilton, North Canterbury Highway Patrol

Canterbury Police are disappointed with the number of motorists who continue to display dangerous driving behaviours on our roads.

In just over an hour, North Canterbury Highway Patrol issued six infringements for drivers crossing the centre line on State Highway 1 over the Hundalee mountain range.

This included one motorist who was towing a trailer, observed with all four wheels of their vehicle on the opposite side of the road, as they went around a corner.

It is incredibly frustrating that we are catching so many drivers who are not only risking their own lives, but also those of other motorists.

This is how head-on collisions occur, especially on or near corners where motorists have less time to react.

Failing to keep left results in a $150 fine and 20 demerit points.

We will continue to pull drivers over for this behaviour, in an attempt to improve driving behaviour on our roads.

/NZ Police Public Release. View in full here.