Carl Bennet partnership enables Indonesian research collaboration in critical care

This week, Karolinska Institutet, reached an agreement on a new exciting multiyear partnership with Carl Bennet AB in support of academic collaboration between Karolinska Institutet and Universitas Airlangga in Surabaya, Indonesia. President Annika Östman Wernerson signed the agreement with Carl Bennet outlining a four year program, totalling 8 milliion Swedish kronor.

The impetus for this collaboration came from high level discussions on trade and development between the two governments of Sweden and Indonesia, involving Business Sweden and other government and private partners, with a request from the Ministry of Indonesia to strengthen human resources and capacity in areas related to critical care.

A picture of Mariam Claeson

Mariam Claeson Photo: N/A

This is the first step towards a four-year partnership between the two universities on a PhD twinning arrangement and research on critical care, including specifically the newborn period.

“This will generate evidence on how to address public health and clinical priorities of mutual interest between Sweden and Indonesia, and globally: the management of severely ill children, with focus in the newborn period, and how to accelerate progress on essential emergency and critical care (EECC)”, says Mariam Claeson, Senior Advisor in the research team.

Research team

Multdisciplinary and intersectoral teams, bringing public health, health systems strengthening, clinical care aspects and other competencies from both universities will develop together the detailed plans for the PhD twinning arrangements and the research program. The KI core team, led by Tobias Alven (PI) and Mariam Claeson (Senior Advisor), together with Mattias Schedwin (part time coordinator) at the Department of Global Public Health will coordinate and guide the project together with the research team at UNAIR. Several other colleagues, including Carl Otto Schell on EECC, coming on board as the project kicks off in September 2024.

The initial phase covered by this project agreement will support four PhDs, three from Indonesia and one from Sweden, with the research to be carried out in Indonesia, The next step is the signing of the MoU with Universitas of Airlangga’s leadership on June 19.

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