Catch Up On Gains In Glaucoma Research Community Forum

Centre for Eye Research Australia

Glaucoma is called the silent thief of sight because it often gives no warning until it is well-advanced. Early detection and intervention can halt vision loss for many, although better treatments are still needed for the people who go on to lose their vision.

At this event, presented on World Glaucoma Day 2024, we share how researchers at CERA are leading the way towards new treatments.

Speaking at the event are:

Dr Luis Alarcon-Martinez investigates how blood is distributed in the retina to help prevent or treat retinal neurodegenerative diseases.

Associate Professor Zhichao Wu is a clinician-scientist and leads CERA’s clinical biomarkers research. He focuses on expediting the discovery of new treatments and ways to prevent irreversible vision loss.

Dr Jennifer Fan Gaskin is a clinician-scientist glaucoma specialist and leads CERA’s ocular fibrosis research.

Dr Flora Hui is a clinician scientist with a research interest in neuroprotectants for treating glaucoma.

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