City With Plenty On Its Plate

Perth hits all the winter notes with a food and drink extravaganza.

From a great chef’s retrospective to a deep dive on all things fungal, August is the month that all food and experience hunters should earmark right now.

The City of Perth is WA’s culinary epicentre and Plateful Perth 2024 will prove it is the place to be this winter.

For the second successive year, Plateful Perth will add the panache to the pan and fire up a celebration of food and wine that takes you on a showcase journey of the City’s gastronomy across the entire month of August.

Plateful Perth is dinners, masterclasses, wine events, foodie films and cocktail deep-dives. It is retro chic and cutting-edge culinary flair; it is Italian regional cucina and British Indian nostalgia; it’s progressive dinners and the mysteries of Chilean Pisco culture. It is a calendar of opportunities and experiences that dive into the flavours and fun of a City alive at winter.

Plateful Perth is about getting West Australians into the CBD to experience the generosity and innovation of food and hospitality in the heart of the city. 2024 presents the most ambitious program yet for this annual culinary festival. Events from the humble to the humorous, the modest to the mega have been curated to showcase the energy of the city’s hospitality scene. Whether you’re a hard-core foodie or simply someone who enjoys good food and new experiences, Plateful Perth is a celebration you simply will not want to miss.

With more than 65 events, experiences and offers in our 2024 program, Plateful is a catalyst for discovery, reacquaintance and memory-building.

Highlights for 2024 include:

  • Brendan Pratt’s Culinary Odyssey, a 20-year retrospective on the career of one of the state’s finest chefs, from London to Margs and back to Perth (Fleur).
  • Shrooms and Sours, a 100 per cent vegan celebration of edible fungi, paired with special sour beers and a talk from Mushroom Guy Adrian Acquado on sustainable urban farming (The Rechabite).
  • The Bottomless Pizza Party, a collaboration between Spring on Queen and Perth Italo-institution The Re Store with DJs, new wines and a party atmosphere con brio (Spring).
  • Behind the Bar, a series of events with mix men Dylan Long and Mark Rutter getting down and dirty with the specialist techniques behind cutting edge cocktails and mixed drinks (Tinys).
  • The Great British Curry Nights, celebrating the Indian diaspora in Britain and its unique culinary evolution in the northern hemisphere, with Manchester-born chef Scott O’Sullivan and Sauma’s head chef Gurps Bagga (Sauma).
  • The Pisco Masterclass, paying homage to Peru’s national beverage and the unique combinations behind classics (Pisco Sour) and the lesser known (Pisco Porton Mosto Verde) at (Mas Vino).
  • A Cheesy Affair, getting alpine for the Perth winter with raclette a volant, fondue aux fromages and the unique French and Swiss cheeses essential to their authenticity (Small Print).
  • Cabernet & Carnivore… Delve a little deeper than “red with beef” with renowned sommelier Foni Pollitt to experience one of WA’s signature varietals – cabernet sauvignon – alongside cabernets from across the world paired with different grilled beef cuts. Which is right? (Mayfair Lane).

This is just taster of the Plateful Perth program, which contains over 65 unique ways to celebrate the City of Perth’s rich food scene. With free parking after 6pm across all City of Perth Parking bays, it’s never been easier to enjoy dining in the City of Light.

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