Class Action Against OTR Takes Positive Step, But Further Delayed

OTR Victims

Yesterday’s Federal Court ruling brings victims one step closer to justice against Shahin Enterprises.

Justice White has approved the requested timeline – a win for employees against the wealthy Shahin family-owned company.

Former employees of OTR continue their legal battle over disputed wage theft in Aaron Furnell & Ors v Shahin Enterprises.

A spokeswoman for victims said, “Victims of OTR are pleased that the Class Action against Shahin Enterprises (owner of OTR Convenience Stores) is continuing well.”

“This will result in better outcomes for victims and hopefully a better resolution.”

“Shahin Enterprises has so far refused to compensate victims, relying on their deeper pockets to run down their opposition. Victims of OTR are disappointed but not surprised by the refusal of OTR to give a satisfactory outcome. This is just the standard tactics and stalling of OTR.”

“Victims will not be put off and are ready to face the goliath company.”

OTR and Shahin Enterprises are well-documented as bullies and wage thieves. They are owned by a wealthy family who have the ability to grind down those they have already stomped on. Poor shift workers and former employees are struggling to make ends meet after their oppressive conduct. Readers can

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