Colac Highway Patrol sends strong message to drug drivers

Drivers under the influence of drugs thought they were above the law, but Operation Lockdown proved that theory wrong.

Over seven nights, Colac Highway Patrol detected 32 people driving with drugs in their system.

Colac Highway Patrol Sergeant Patrick Brady said it was disappointing to see so many people take the risk of harming both themselves and others, by driving under the influence of drugs.

“Like alcohol, drugs can reduce a driver’s ability to have full control of a motor vehicle,” Sergeant Brady said.

“Drugs can slow down reaction times, distort perception of speed and distance and reduce concentration and coordination when driving.

Detections included:

40-year-old man from Colac was intercepted on Stodart Street, Colac at approximately 9.50pm on Sunday 25 October. He returned a positive Preliminary Oral Fluid Test. The same vehicle was intercepted on Queen Street, Colac on Friday 30 October. At the time of the intercept a 27-year-old Colac woman was behind the wheel. She also returned a positive Preliminary Oral Fluid Test.

A 39-year-old man from Corio was observed by police drifting in and out of his lane with other vehicles in close proximity. Police intercepted the vehicle, who was also travelling 177km/h in a 100km/h zone. The driver also tested positive for drugs in his system. He will face court at a later date.

“Often impaired drivers attract attention to themselves by committing other offences or are reported by members of the public for their poor driving,” Sergeant Brady said.

“I want to make it clear that Victoria Police is still conducting PBTs and drug tests.

“There is a perception in the community that you can take drugs and drive, and you won’t get caught.

“That simply is not the case, and the disappointing results from this operation proves that.”

Over the seven nights 45 traffic offences were detected and four arrests for Possession of a Drug of Dependence. This included:

-2 drink drivers

-32 drug drivers

-1 suspended driver

-2 unlicensed drivers

-3 speeding offences

-1 seatbelt offences

-3 unregistered vehicles

-10 unroadworthy vehicles

-3 impoundments

Victoria Police will continue to focus on the fatal five of road trauma – speeding, drink and drug drivers, fatigue, driver distraction and people not wearing seatbelts.

Local police will continue to monitor their local areas and adapt their operations and general patrols to target bad driver behaviour in the current climate.

Operation Lockdown was a seven-night operation that ran from Sunday 25 October –

Sunday 31 October 2020.

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