Council embeds safe work legislation with zero tolerance approach

Council has a zero tolerance approach to any behaviour that places its workers at risk of psychological harm and as a result, call on the community to be courteous and respectful in their interactions.

Under Work Health and Safety legislation, psychosocial hazards and risks are now part of the obligations of all employers to provide a safe workplace environment that equally considers physical and mental health.

Places of work for staff goes beyond the traditional office spaces and includes facilities such as the animal shelter, libraries, swimming pools, works depots as well as anywhere maintenance crews, rangers and other staff are required to attend as part of their duties.

As a result, measures have been put in place to reduce or eliminate the risks that cause psychological stress, such as verbal and physical abuse, violence and aggression, bullying or harassment from members of the public.

“We are committed to serving the community and genuinely want to assist in the capacity of our roles, wherever we can,” said Chief Executive Officer, Robyn Stevens.

“Workers are often bound by legislation and policy in the duties that they are performing and understand that people may feel frustrated by the information they’re delivering. That some customers and members of the community feel from time to time that Council has not delivered as they believe it should, does not excuse behaviour that puts staff at risk of physical or psychological harm,” Ms Stevens said.

“Amongst our Core Values are integrity and respect and we simply ask that our community uphold those in dealing with us as well,” she said.

To mitigate risks, Council has established its meeting practices to include a preface about respectful behaviour of all participants and attendees.

Measures have been put in place at Council meetings to reduce incidents of intimidation, harassment or aggressive behaviour.

Workers are also supported to remove themselves from a situation if there is any verbal confrontation that is escalating or becoming aggressive in nature and police will be contacted as needed.

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