Council Supports Just Farmer Premiers At Astor Cinema

Just a Farmer, a compelling film delving into the realities of rural life and mental health, premiered to a packed audience at the Astor Cinema on Saturday, March 16th. Attended by approximately 200 cast, crew, supporters, and collaborators, the event marked a significant moment in raising awareness about the challenges faced by farming communities.

Among the guests were councillors from Ararat Rural City, including Mayor Bob Sanders, who praised the film for its honest portrayal of the struggles endured by those living and working in rural areas. Mayor Sanders emphasized the importance of discussing topics such as loss, grief, and depression openly to combat the stigma associated with mental health issues.

“Just a Farmer drives home the message that what appears on the surface isn’t always reflective of reality,” Mayor Sanders commented. “The film underscores the urgent need for change in how we address mental health in rural communities, where every 10 days a precious life is lost.”

The premiere concluded with a poignant poem recited by a local farmer directly affected by suicide, prompting heartfelt conversations among attendees and encouraging a collective effort to remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues in rural Australia.

Just a Farmer serves as a timely reminder of the profound impact of mental health challenges in farming communities and the necessity for open dialogue and support networks. Through its powerful storytelling, the film aims to foster understanding and empathy while advocating for meaningful change.

/Public Release. View in full here.