Council to consider new planning instrument for timely delivery of infrastructure in Huntly

A new planning instrument to support the fair funding and timely development of essential infrastructure in Huntly will be considered at the August Council meeting.

Huntly is a fast growing area of Greater Bendigo and to help manage this growth, Council needs to deliver new infrastructure in the form of roads, intersections, footpaths and play spaces.

To support future growth in Huntly, it is recommended Council write to the Minister for Planning to commence the process to introduce a Development Contributions Plan (DCP) Overlay to the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme.

A DCP identifies a growth area of land and the infrastructure development needs of the area, the financial contributions that would fund the infrastructure, and how these contributions would be calculated and shared across developers/land owners within the growth area.

It is proposed to apply the Huntly DCP to 247ha of land to the east of the Midland Highway, which takes in 30 properties. If developers/land owners within this area were to develop their land, they would each need to contribute funds to the DCP based on the amount of land they own.

The report to Council notes the Huntly growth area is expected to provide for 6,000 people and require the delivery of $23.8M in infrastructure. It also states that DCPs are not a full cost recovery model and Council will also contribute to the delivery of infrastructure.

Contributions to the DCP would be triggered only when land is approved for subdivision through the planning permit process.

A DCP is considered a more fair way of funding essential infrastructure development and ensures the City’s capital and renewal funds are better shared across the municipality.

It is proposed the Huntly DCP would deliver more than 7km of cycling and pedestrian links, new roads, district play space and improved intersections.

Although Viewpoint Estate falls within the proposed DCP area, residents would not be affected as the developer has previously made a contribution to Council.

There are six private properties and two Crown land properties outside of the DCP area that are affected by the design of an upgraded intersection.

Should Council support the recommendation, the City would request the Minister for Planning commence the process to amend the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme and the DCP amendment would be placed on exhibition for public consultation.

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