Latest amendment News

Government progresses Māori wards legislation
First RMA amendment Bill introduced to Parliament
Disability Community Rejects Labor’s NDIS Bill
New Compliance and Enforcement Policy for registered organisations published
ASIC releases guidance on the experienced provider pathway for financial advisers
Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill passes first reading
Curfew Laws Passed To Keep Territorians Safe
Griffith City Council’s Director Sustainable Development Resigns
Senate Inquiry into “Dangerous and Risky” NDIS Cuts and Changes
Work Health And Safety Laws – Clarified And Stronger
Declared Areas Offence under review by the Intelligence and Security Committee
Peak Environmental bodies welcome change to Offshore Petroleum Bill to remove fast-track approvals
New AML/CFT regulations – joint statement by AML/CFT Supervisors on supervisory approach
Strengthening Territory Liquor Laws
Labor Set To Raise Rubbish Rates 16 May
Important Changes To Offshore Gas Bill
Why is New Caledonia on fire? According to local women, the deadly riots are about more than voting rights
Greens Kill Labor’s Gas Fast-track Bill
Bill expanding drug treatment orders to offenders with alcohol dependence tabled in Parliament
One year on from Loafers Lodge
Treaties Committee recommends ratification of Southeast Asia trade area agreement
Curfew Legislation To Improve Community Safety
Making It Easier For Victim-Survivors To Report Violence
WA’s Rental Market Boosted With New Legislation
Mine Closure Plan Guideline Open For Consultation
EPA Victoria grants AGL development licence to manage ash storage capacity
NFF sounds the alarm on superannuation tax impost
Upper House to debate Greens’ rent freeze bill, after State Budget screwed renters over
ALP and Coalition green light AUKUS nuclear waste dumps without public consultation
Budget 2024 To Lead Sittings Agenda
Labor Set To Raise Rubbish Rates
Variation of modern awards to include a delegates’ rights term: draft term published
More Than 200 New Homes For Yorke Peninsula
Labor’s De-amalgamation Bill Passes Parliament
Liberals And Nationals Progress Commonsense Bail Reform
Carbon capture and storage essential for Australia’s decarbonisation
Future Gas Strategy confirms critical role of gas in Australia’s energy security
Carbon Capture And Storage Bill Passes WA Parliament
Another step forward in regulatory reform for the resources sector
Code Amendment To Streamline Heritage Assessments
Minns Labor Government Lets Women Down
Members Bill Will Prevent Māori Land Confiscations
Zero support for Labor’s attack on people seeking asylum and diaspora communities
Not Sweeping Problems Under Rug
Striking Better Balance On Later Trading Applications
NSW Nationals To Introduce Bail Reform Legislation
NSW Opposition To Introduce Bail Reform Legislation
Crack Down On Anti-social Behaviour