Legislation ensuring broad electricity rights passes Parliament

  • Electricity Industry Amendment (Alternative Electricity Services) Bill 2023 passes Parliament
  • Electricity Industry Act 2004 amendments to strengthen consumer rights
  • Legislation opens door to embedded networks and solar as a service being regulated under AES registration framework

The Electricity Industry Amendment (Alternative Electricity Services) Bill 2023 has passed Parliament, creating the power to extend protections to all electricity customers.

Changes in technology and new business models have led to some forms of electricity supply becoming largely unregulated with few protections for consumers.

The Bill which amends the Electricity Industry Act 2004 will help ensure many households and businesses, such as those in embedded electricity networks, pay a fair price and get transparent information about their electricity supply.

Central to this is the creation of the Alternative Electricity Services (AES) registration framework, which enables a flexible approach to regulating new electricity services and business models, overseen by the Economic Regulation Authority.

The framework also allows tailored and fit-for-purpose customer protections to be applied to each regulated service.

Under the new AES registration framework, customers of new and emerging electricity services can be given access to many of the protections already in place for traditional electricity customers, such as independent dispute resolution through the Energy and Water Ombudsman.

Work is now progressing on whether services including the sale and supply of electricity in embedded networks should be covered by the new AES registration framework.

To learn more, visit www.wa.gov.au/sharingthepower

As stated by Energy Minister Reece Whitby:

“This Bill represents a significant step forward for electricity customers in Western Australia.

“It will create a new, flexible, and fit-for-purpose mechanism to support customer protection in the electricity market.”

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