Council unveils its Strategies for Future

Port Macquarie-Hastings

Port Macquarie Hastings Council Strategies for the Future are a suite of key documents that will help shape our vision to build a better future for the region.

The draft Blueprint for Generational Equity (Blueprint), draft Infrastructure Strategy 2022-2042, and draft Regional Integrated Transport Strategy (RITS) are all on public exhibition for the community to have their say.

While each has a separate strategic function and purpose, they all have the same fundamental aim of putting PMHC on the right path to providing excellent services and infrastructure.

Port Macquarie Hastings Mayor Peta Pinson said she was thrilled to see the suite of documents come to fruition, particularly the Blueprint co-designed by Councillors and PMHC’s Executive Leadership Team.

“I am so excited to be able to unveil these documents and encourage our community to have its say,” Mayor Pinson said.

“The delivery and execution of the Blueprint is the result of an agreed vision between Councillors and the council’s Executive Leadership Team.

“Many of the actions in the Blueprint are underway, and we’re reaping the benefits of working in new, more coordinated, connected ways. I look forward to seeing what our community says about it, the Infrastructure Strategy and the RITS.”

The Blueprint for Generational Equity (Blueprint)

The Blueprint is PMHC’s elected representatives’ plan for our future. It is designed to be a “living document” that develops with each local government election term and tells the community what PMHC is doing and going to do to build a region that meets their needs and aspirations and builds generational equity.

The Blueprint pulls together the key aspects of several strategic plans into a document that can be more easily understood by the community. Its purpose is to lay out immediate priorities against adopted and future strategies, drawing upon and highlighting key focus areas and actions that need to be implemented as PMHC faces ongoing challenges and opportunities in the business.

The four key focus areas identified in the Blueprint include Corporate Planning, Master Planning, Land Use Planning and Infrastructure. Each focus area represents critical levers of change that will position the PMHC to deliver value over time.

Each focus area has an ambition statement for the outcome PMHC, as an organisation, aspires to achieve for the community. They are statements that will challenge PMHC to move out of what we know as an organisation and find new and better ways to do things.

The Infrastructure Strategy 2022 – 2042

The Infrastructure Strategy for Port Macquarie Hastings identifies significant issues and challenges for infrastructure assets over the next 20 years. It provides principles and priorities to guide investment and resourcing to address these issues and challenges.

It is not intended to outline specific infrastructure projects, rather it will outline the key principles and priorities that PMHC will follow in the implementation of its infrastructure investment.

It will demonstrate how PMHC plans to manage its infrastructure assets prudently and sustainably, supported by our Resourcing Strategy including our Long-Term Financial Plan.

Regional Integrated Transport Strategy (RITS)

The RITS aims to identify a vision and provide desired outcomes for transport options and solutions that align with state, regional and local planning.

It will be used as a guiding document to help PMHC:

  • plan for and deliver a safe, well-connected and efficient transport network (roads and bridges etc) for all users
  • co-ordinate transport, infrastructure and land use planning
  • expand and improve the active (walking, cycling etc) transport network
  • plan and advocate for convenient, connected and accessible public transport
  • influence travel behaviour to promote sustainable choices
  • collaborate with key stakeholders to deliver innovative, sustainable transport solutions

Port Macquarie Hastings CEO Dr Clare Allen said the close alignment of the Blueprint, Infrastructure Strategy and RITS illustrates the Council’s dedicated approach to providing improved planning instruments.

“We use several frameworks and approaches to help achieve our Community Strategic Plan (CSP) Imagine2050 vision, which can be difficult for many people in our community to understand,” Dr Allen said.

“Strategies such as these three will allow for a more structured and holistic approach to planning and delivery. They enable us to set clearly defined, and understood, goals and deliver on them in line with the CSP and our community’s vision for the future.

“I’m excited to be part of this strategic approach to realising our shared vision of being the most liveable, sustainable and innovative place in Australia.”

To view the suite of documents and get involved in Council’s Live Q&A session on Facebook, attend a dedicated workshop or to visit a pop-up session, visit Port Macquarie-Hastings Council Have Your Say (

Feedback on the Strategies of the Future closes on 12 March, 2023.

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