Cr Geoff Lovett – Maryborough Advertiser


Over recent years Council have followed a plan to visually improve our Shire. This involves upgrading town entrances, beautifying streetscapes through a strategic tree planting program, along with continuous improvement of public parks and gardens. In Maryborough we can now see results. Median strip plantings along Majorca Road, and in Inkerman Street are displaying their magnificent autumn splendour. Along Park Road ageing prunus have been replaced by exotic trees including plane trees. Phillips Gardens now has an impressive underground watering system, and the open space at Station Domain enhances the view of our Railway Station.

Therefore, I find it really disappointing that vandalism of these works continue. Last weekend someone thought it acceptable to drive a car onto the grassed area of Station Domain where they proceeded to do ‘donuts’ causing significant damage. I find it bewildering that the vandalism continues unabated. We see newly planted trees in Inkerman Street, Majorca and Park Roads with branches torn off and or whole trees ripped out. In Phillips Gardens and Princes Park, we have seen repeated instances of individuals digging multiple holes, supposedly looking for gold. How anyone could think that this is acceptable I do not know. What I do know however is that this vandalism costs Council thousands of dollars, money that should be spent more beneficially elsewhere.

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