Creating Safer Communities: Release of New Aboriginal Foster & Kinship Care Model

The Territory LaborGovernment has partnered with Tangentyere Council Aboriginal Corporation tolaunch the new foster and kinship care model that will improve outcomes forAboriginal children in care.

Children Safe, Family Together is a new care model and resource for Aboriginal organisations workingwith Territory Families to identify, recruit and support Aboriginal kinship andfoster carers.

The new model is based onfour phases which represents the life cycle of children in care from thebeginning to the end.

Tangentyere Councilwas funded $200,000 under the first round of the Aboriginal Carers Growing UpAboriginal Children Grants to develop the model.

With the success of these grants so far, theTerritory Government has recently released Round 2 of the Aboriginal CarersGrowing Up Aboriginal Children Grants. Funding of $350,000 is now available fornew Aboriginal organisations to deliver these services.

View the Children Safe, Family Together model here:,-Family-Together.pdf

As noted by Minister forTerritory Families, Dale Wakefield

“Every child deserves achildhood where they are safe and connected with their culture and identity. We are investing in the most vulnerablechildren to change their pathways in life.

The latest statistics showthat in the Territory, 90 per cent of children in care are Aboriginal. Evidenceshows that children and young people have a better chance to thrive when theyremain in home-based placements within their community and connected to culture when it is safe to do so.

The new care model willprioritise and increase the number of Aboriginal foster and kinship carers,which is pivotal to transform the out-of-home care system. We are fundingAboriginal organisations and giving them greater decision-making power toimprove the wellbeing of Aboriginal children and their families.

As noted by CEO of TangentyereCouncil Aboriginal Corporation, Walter Shaw

We expect that this model, which sees a muchgreater role for Aboriginal families and organisations in the decision making,will lead to more children placed locally with family in safe and stable carearrangements.

Wed also expect to see more Aboriginal andkinship carers recruited and retained over time.

Tangentyere would like to commend the NTGovernment for recognising and supporting the crucial role community basedsupport services provide in improving the wellbeing of children and families.

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