Day In Life Of Our Field Services Team

From pothole repairs to beach cleaning, graffiti removal and even playground equipment inspections, there’s not much that the Field Services team isn’t involved with.

Add to that street sweeping, lawn mowing, tree planting, signage installation and clearing out stormwater drains, the list of jobs is endless.

In an average year, the team responds to more than 5,500 customer requests, on top of the regular maintenance and mowing schedule.

Field Services staff also support major events held throughout the city providing traffic management and infrastructure installation, and they also support the Environment team in the work they do to protect wildlife, our gullies and coastline.

Throw in an unexpected storm event, when the Field Services team springs into action with all hands on deck for the subsequent clean up.

Considering the team has just 54 full-time staff, it’s a big job keeping Holdfast Bay looking its best.

Open Space team

The Open Space team is dedicated to the city’s reserves and playspaces, public gardens, North Brighton and St Jude’s cemeteries.

There are a total of 105 reserves and garden areas that require regular maintenance and mowing and highly visited areas like Colley Reserve are mowed weekly.

Glenelg Oval has its own dedicated curator and Partridge House has a dedicated team for its public gardens. There are more than 18,000 street trees across the city which the team cares for.

On top of this around 500 new trees are planted by the team each winter and are watered for their first four years of life.

Rapid Response / City Clean

This team keeps the city looking beautiful, including our beaches.

Glenelg Beach is cleaned five times a week, from the beginning of October to the end of March, but the team is also responsible for the maintenance of the beach access points from Glenelg North to Kingston Park.

Other tasks include cleaning the showers along the Coast Path and the bins are regularly swapped and brought back to the Depot for cleansing.

The team also looks after drinking fountains, memorial seats, sculptures and shelters and are quick to act on removing graffiti from public places.

All streets across Holdfast Bay are swept every four weeks, with some busier streets swept more regularly.

The Rapid Response / City Clean team also conducts quarterly inspections on our 33 playgrounds checking for safety and compliance.

Civil Works

Council’s Civil Works team undertake maintenance and repairs on our 178 kilometres of roads, 389km of kerbs and all of the city’s footpaths including paved areas.

In the past few years, an accelerated footpath program has seen more than 5,800m² of footpaths repaired, in addition to the regular repair program.

Regular inspections of our stormwater beach outlets ensure that water can flow freely out to sea.

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