Dial-a-Dump fined for uncovered asbestos waste on landfill


Dial-a Dump (EC) Pty Ltd has been fined by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) for failing to properly cover asbestos waste in landfill.

The $15,000 fine was issued after EPA officers identified uncovered fragments of asbestos waste on a small part of its Eastern Creek landfill site during a routine odour inspection.

EPA Director Metro-West Operations James Goodwin said that while only a small amount of asbestos was detected, all asbestos must be managed safely and in accordance with the law.

“We are committed to protecting the community from poor asbestos waste management practices,” Mr Goodwin said.

“The failure to handle asbestos appropriately potentially creates risks to the health of workers and visitors who entered the landfill, so all asbestos waste must be completely covered once it is received at a landfill site.

The potential harm to workers is why the EPA may also work with SafeWork NSW to assist with investigations relating to improper asbestos handling.

In the meantime, the EPA will continue routine inspections of the site to make sure Dial-A-Dump takes all necessary action to reduce the risk of offensive odours from its waste facility.

“All licensees have the responsibility to do the right thing in all aspects of their operation,” Mr Goodwin said.

“The EPA will continue to enforce the law to keep the community and environment safe.”

The $15,000 penalty is the maximum fine the EPA can issue under its legislation.


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