Doctors Warn Julian Assange Could Die In Jail In Next few Months


“Australian Doctors For Assange and the Australian Doctors Reform Society today warned that medical examinations of Julian Assange in Belmash prison in the UK have revealed that he is suffering from severe life threatening cardiovascular and stress related medical conditions including having a mini stroke as a result of his imprisonment and psychological torture”said Dr Robert Marr OAM General Medical Practitioner and spokesman for Doctors for Assange.

“Australian Doctors For Assange have today written to US Ambassador Carolyn Kennedy requesting she urgently ask President Biden to stop the US persecution of Australian citizen Julian Assange for merely publishing information provided to him and stop the US attempt to extradite him from the UK.”said Dr Marr

“No US citizen could be charged with any crime for simply publishing material provided to him,as Julian Assange did, because US citizens are protected under the Freedom of Speech rights in the US Constitution.”said Dr Marr

“Indeed the US citizen who stole the information published by Julian Assange ,revealing US war crimes in Iraq, was pardoned by President Obama”said Dr Marr

“If the USA values Australian citizens friendship as much as they say they do they must immediately stop the American persecution of Australian citizen Julian Assange and drop their legal case to extradite him to the USA.If the USA does not immediately drop their legal case against Julian Assange all Australians will know that the USA are only “fair weather friends” who dont respect the rights of Australian citizens”said Dr Marr

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