Dogs On-lead To Protect Wildlife

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Dogs can be off a lead in every open space in the City of Burnside when under effective control of their owners. Burnside is also the only metropolitan council where dogs can be off-lead in all its parks and reserves, except near playgrounds, sports games or training and the Tusmore Wading Pool.

Burnside also has many natural areas, supporting a wide range of sensitive biodiversity areas and wildlife including threatened species such as the Southern Brown Bandicoot, Yellow-footed Antechinus, Chestnut-rumped Heathwren and the Cunningham’s Skink.

Unfortunately dogs are known to disturb, stress or prey upon birds, mammals and reptiles in our parks and reserves. Even the most well-behaved dog who is in close proximity to its walker and may return to the person on command, still may wander off paths and interact with, or stress, sensitive wildlife.

Our parks and reserves are for everyone, including all our furry, scaly and feathered friends. Council seeks your feedback on a solution to this issue to ensure that our City’s parks and reserves remain fun, safe and relaxing places to visit, while protecting the wildlife that lives there.

What is proposed?

Council proposes to keep dogs on-lead in four sensitive reserves with high biodiversity value to minimise the risk of dogs attacking or stressing wildlife.

These four locations are proposed as new on-lead areas:

  • Chambers Gully Reserve;
  • Heatherbank Reserve;
  • Michael Perry Reserve; and
  • The wetland area at Kensington Gardens Reserve/Kensington Wama.

Have your say

Council seeks your feedback on this proposal. Feedback from the community will inform the final decision making.

Click on the following link to have your say on this proposal by completing our survey: Have your say

Survey closes 5 pm Thursday 28 March 2024.

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