Domestic violence study shows offenders fitted with ankle devices are significantly less likely to reoffend

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Release date: Wednesday 24 May 2023

The Domestic Violence Electronic Monitoring (DVEM) program is the first electronic monitoring program in NSW to specifically target domestic violence offenders. Introduced by NSW Corrective Services in 2016, individuals on the program have a GPS-enabled monitoring device fitted to their ankle and have their location tracked 24 hours a day. 

A new evaluation by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) has found that people on the program have lower rates of reoffending and breaches of Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVO).  The study compared 226 DVEM participants with 768 people released from prison who met the eligibility criteria* for the program but who did not participate.  

According to Jackie Fitzgerald, Executive Director of BOCSAR, “The study found that over 12 months, DVEM participants were 9.6% less likely to commit a new offence of any type, 32.9% less likely to commit a new domestic violence offence, 19.4% less likely to breach their ADVO and 11.4% less likely to return to custody”.  “These results clearly show that electronic monitoring can be used to effectively manage serious domestic violence offenders in the community without compromising the safety of victim/survivors.”   

*DVEM eligibility criteria: 

  1. A current Intensive Correction Order (ICO) or parole order for a DV offence 
  2. A history of DV offending  
  3. Medium to high levels of risk of reoffending 
  4. An active ADVO with a no-contact restriction, a metred geographical restriction, and a primary person in need of protection (PINOP) who is an adult  

Contact: Jackie Fitzgerald – Executive Director, NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics & Research

Phone: +61 423 139 687 

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