Farmers call for better reporting on coal mine methane

Farmers for Climate Action

Farmers for Climate Action, representing more than 8200 farmers across Australia, is concerned at credible reports that coal mine methane is being underreported by up to 50 per cent.

CEO Natalie Collard said the farmers who grow our food need accurate reporting on coal pollution.

“Coal polluters must be held accountable for the pollution they produce if we are to keep farmers farming.

“Huge parts of Australia are in drought and others are facing unpredictable weather patterns. Climate change is hurting our farming families right now through droughts, floods and fires which send farm insurance premiums through the roof. We can’t afford inaccurate figures on coal and coal methane, both of which drive climate change.

“Farmers need clean air and water, and a stable climate, to produce clean food for Australia. We call on the Federal Government to immediately investigate this issue and hold polluters accountable.

“Farmers are working hard to measure and reduce carbon pollution and we need everyone to measure emissions accurately. Underreporting emissions hurts all Australians and polluters must be accountable for resolving these issues immediately.”

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