Dont Risk Not Knowing Your Stroke Risk

Stroke Foundation

New data from Stroke Foundation has prompted an urgent warning for Aussies to learn the risks of stroke or risk having a stroke.

The foundation’s most recent annual F.A.S.T. National Awareness Survey found that there’s been a significant drop in awareness across all of the modifiable risk factors of stroke, when compared to the year before.

Awareness of high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol, stress and excessive alcohol intake as stroke risk factors has dropped by four per cent. In addition to this, awareness of low levels of physical activity as a stroke risk has fallen by six per cent and awareness of poor diet as a stroke risk has dipped by five per cent.

Stroke Foundation, Dr Lisa Murphy, says this is a major concern.

“It is very worrying to see awareness drop across all modifiable risk factors of stroke. By not knowing your risk of stroke, you are ignoring your risk having a stroke.”

Dr Murphy says most concerning is the drop in awareness of high blood pressure as a risk factor.

“High blood pressure is the leading risk factor for death in Australia and the world, leading to 10.8 million deaths globally each year. In Australia, high blood pressure is responsible for 41 per cent of strokes.”

Known as the silent killer, high blood pressure is the single biggest risk factor for stroke, and contributes to 25,000 deaths a year, mainly due to stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, and dementia.

” 80 per cent of strokes are preventable so the good news is you can lower your risk of stroke by making changes in your life such as exercising regularly, quitting smoking, eating a healthy balanced diet and reducing your alcohol intake.”

“A quick and painless blood pressure check or checking in with you GP can be all it takes for someone to change their lifestyle and reduce their stroke risk. When 80 per cent of all strokes are preventable, why would you not want to know your risk?” Dr Murphy said.

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