Emergency Tree Works Yea Recreation Reserve

Tree Yea Rec Reserve.png

Council wishes to advise the community of tree works in the Yea Recreation Reserve that are scheduled to occur either Monday 22 or Tuesday 23 January.

During the recent rain event a large limb fell from an English Oak Tree at the Yea Recreation Reserve. Councils Arborist has inspected the tree and other English Oaks at the reserve and identified a number require weight reduction pruning.

This involves removing end weight to reduce the risk of future failures.

Trees are valuable assets for the environment and the community, as they provide many benefits such as beauty, shade, habitat, and carbon storage. However, trees also pose potential hazards if they are unhealthy, unstable, or damaged. That is why an arborist inspects and evaluates our trees every year and recommends the best course of action for their management.

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