EV Open Day for Illawarra residents, 12 Nov

Electrify 2515

Local volunteer community group Electrify 2515 hopes to dispel myths and arm residents with facts through an EV & E-bike open day on Sunday 12 November at Club Thirroul, bringing together industry experts, local owners and some manufacturers and retailers.

A recent survey of northern Illawarra residents found that 44% were ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ going to buy an electric vehicle (EV) in the next two years, and 31% were planning to purchase or lease an electric bike (e-bike). However, the survey found there was still a lot of uncertainty about affordable options, car ranges, charging facilities and model features, which might hinder the transition off petrol and diesel powered cars.

“Most people we speak to know their future car will be electric but are still not sure if that is a reality for them anytime soon,” coordinator Denise Aubourg said. “The perception is that you need to spend over $70,000 or that driving ranges are low. They are surprised when we tell them you can already purchase a new EV for less than $40,000 with a range of 350 km in Australia, and that story is getting better every day.”

The EV & E-bike open day will display a large range of EVs from manufacturers such as Tesla, Hyundai, BYD and Polestar. These are mostly owned by local EV owners, and some will be brought along by retailers.

Information sessions will bridge some knowledge gaps around the practicalities of EV ownership, existing government incentives, available and coming models and how novated leases are an affordable option for many.

“I love my Hynundai Ioniq and try to tell as many people who will listen how I saved around $2,500 last year on fuel costs and how easy it is to charge,” local EV owner and event coordinator John Buchelin said. “I have three young kids and it is really important to me that I am doing as much as possible to limit my role in the climate crisis. For an average household, their car makes up two-thirds of energy used and is by far the largest source of carbon emissions. Switching to an EV or E-bike will have a really positive impact.”

In the Illawarra, electric bike sales have taken off and are a good, affordable option for those not yet able to invest in an electric vehicle. The volunteer group has organised to show the various e-bikes on offer, as well as subscription services for those interested in trying them out for a couple of months.

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