Midshipman Kane Kasemchainan started his military career path with a placement in the Defence Work Experience Program.

The work experience introduced him to different aspects of Defence, but he says the amazing technology and great people in the Navy sealed his career choice.

Growing up in a migrant community in Western Sydney, Midshipman Kasemchainan said that university graduates from his home town tended to veer towards the science, technology, engineering, maths (STEM) degrees at civilian universities.

“The University of NSW qualifications offered at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) are the same as any regular university,” Midshipman Kasemchainan said.

“ADFA adds a military component that includes leadership, personal development and physical training. The foremost benefit of attending ADFA is that the University of NSW is a world-class tertiary institution.

“Your degree is free and holds worldwide recognition and you are paid to study, with a first-year salary starting at more than $46,000 plus superannuation and increasing each year.”

ADFA also offers an outstanding education, free medical and dental care and access to sporting and social clubs with excellent facilities.

Midshipman Kasemchainan said engineering held appeal for him at high school and he had now narrowed his focus to weapons electrical engineering.

“Being a Navy engineer has options that are not available to the external engineering world. Working with explosive ordinance will be interesting and seeing what the future holds with the acquisition of nuclear submarines and nuclear engineering is an incredible opportunity,” he said.

“Exploring Canberra and the surrounding area with your cohort is a bonus to studying at ADFA.

“Military training provides you with an invaluable skill set that assists you in everyday life. On top of that, nothing compares to the camaraderie between students and the mateship you form throughout your time at ADFA.

“You live, study, train, play sports and socialise together, so the people you study with at ADFA tend to become your best mates for life.”