Extra support for people with significant mental health needs

Extra support for South Australians living with significant mental health needs – available now

South Australia has received $5.6 million to provide psychosocial support services, to help people struggling to engage in day-to-day life due to chronic/complex mental illness.

The National Psychosocial Support (NPS) measure has been created to provide crucial assistance to people living with a chronic/complex mental health condition who don’t qualify for support under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The new measure is funded by the Federal Government and is being managed across the metropolitan area by Adelaide PHN.

“The NDIS is a huge positive for many people with serious, life-long mental health issues but it doesn’t cover everyone in need which is why the NPS measure is such a welcome development,” said Adelaide PHN CEO, Deb Lee.

“This new measure is to help prevent people falling through the gaps. For example, the NPS measure will assist people who are severely impacted by mental health issues but who might be expected to recover, who might only need support intermittently, or who will probably respond well to treatment.”

These could include mothers experiencing postnatal depression, someone dealing with the early stages of schizophrenia, a person with severe anxiety who can’t leave the house, or even someone who doesn’t have a formal diagnosis.

People accessing the service will receive support that’s individualised for their specific needs and which supports their recovery goals.

“The type and level of assistance will really depend on the person’s particular circumstances – some people will require intense support on a number of fronts – medical, domestic, and social. For other people it will be much less, maybe access to a coach or mentor for a few hours a week or someone to help plan the shopping,” Ms Lee said.

After consulting with members of the community, GPs and health professionals to understand the type and scope of assistance which is needed, Adelaide PHN has commissioned two interim service providers to ensure people in need can be helped immediately.

Adelaide PHN will select a single on-going provider as soon as possible.

“Help is available now and, importantly, people can refer themselves,” Ms Lee said.

“People don’t have to go through a GP or a specialist if they don’t want to. They can contact the provider or us directly, or their carer or friend can do it on their behalf.

“I think this is going to make a huge difference to many people who are currently struggling to get through each day. It really is good news,” she said.

Help is available now!

People wanting to access NPS assistance, for themselves or someone else, can;

· Contact either service provider directly

NEAMI NATIONAL – phone 8465 7050

LIFE WITHOUT BARRIERS – phone 8259 3600

· Discuss the situation with their GP or other health professional

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