First Test Train Major Milestone For Port Dock Project

SA Gov

The first test train has successfully travelled along the new Pork Dock spur line in a major milestone for the $51 million project to return rail services to the heart of Port Adelaide.

The test train was part of works to test the line and the signalling system, as the project gears up to open in late August.

During the testing, the train was driven from Woodville Station and along the Outer Harbor line, then into Port Dock Railway Station.

Once the project is complete, the 1km spur line will connect the new Port Dock station, plaza and bus interchange at Baker Street to the existing Outer Harbor rail line. It will also provide improved access for pedestrians and cyclists.

The test train was driven by experienced train driver Brett Watson, who has been driving trains on the Adelaide Metro network for almost 14 years.

The Port Dock Railway Line Project is funded by the South Australian Government and is supporting 100 full-time equivalent jobs during construction.

As put by Tom Koutsantonis

Testing of the rail signalling system is a vital part of the project to return trains along the re-established line to Port Dock Railway Station.

It’s genuinely exciting to see a train again travelling into the Port down the 1km spur line, and it is of course a significant milestone as we move closer to the project being completed.

Once open in late August, the new Port Dock Railway Station and bus interchange will provide an dedicated rail and bus service for the many people who live and work in the heart of Port Adelaide, as well as visitors to the area.

As put by Adelaide Metro Train Driver Brett Watson

It is great to see the Port Dock Railway Line Project moving closer to completion, and I’m proud to have been chosen to drive the first test train along the re-connected line.

The testing of the signalling system is a vital part of the project, to make sure everything is working as it should or to identify any issues that might need to be rectified.

It was a successful test, and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to regularly drive trains to Port Dock Railway Station once regular services commence.

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