From streets to a loving home, Binna warrior Terrier defies all odds

Hungry, alone and roaming the streets, Binna’s start to life was tough.

The 7-year-old Terrier X was moments away from death when RSPCA Rescue Officer Krista rushed her by animal ambulance to our Lonsdale Shelter for treatment.

If Binna hadn’t come to us when she did, she wouldn’t have survived.

Viciously attacked by a dog three times her size, Binna (whose previous name was Junie) had severe bite wounds just millimetres from damaging her jugular vein, windpipe and vital nerves.

Binna required immediate surgery to drain and clean the wounds, before they became infected.

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The surgery vital to saving her life was funded by generous community donations.

Binna’s fight wasn’t over yet. In addition to her wounds, she carried an enormous balloon-sized abdominal hernia beneath her groin.

Poor Binna had lived with the growth for most of her life.

It had grown so large she was barely able to stand; even the simplest tasks were taking a physical toll and causing her enormous pain.

When she walked it dragged across the ground. She would often lose balance climbing steps and struggled to urinate.

Despite the looming darkness of uncertainty, Binna’s gentle nature and resilience managed to shine through.

Foster carer Tenelle was lost for words by Binna’s ability to persevere.

“The hernia was quite large and it was touching the floor. It had her bladder, her uterus, and all of her large and small intestines enclosed inside. She’s a positive dog, considering everything she’s been through,” Tenelle says.

Binna’s second round of surgery would prove to be more challenging than the first.

The severity of her dreadful hernia required the expertise of a specialist Adelaide veterinary surgeon.

Tenelle was concerned with the risks involved but knew this would be our best shot of giving Binna a chance to live a normal life.

Happily, the procedure was a success and Binna bounced back quickly.

“Since her surgery, she has become more active than she originally was,” reports Tenelle.

Despite enduring years of pain, Binna’s tail hasn’t stopped wagging

Tenelle described this little pup’s personality as cheeky, saying she’s grown to love her funny antics around the house.

With growing confidence, Binna now enjoys meeting new people – and even tolerates her own kind occasionally, so long as they’re not too big!

“She’s a bit of a clown. She always does funny things that make us laugh. We were really sad to see her go.”

Binna has found a loving forever home with her new fur dad Robert.

It was Binna’s courage, that first caught the attention of her new owner Robert.

“I’m incredibly lucky to be able to help her continue to write her story. Junie and I had a long talk after we got her home and decided to change her name to Binna. It’s short of Irabinna, the Kaurna word for warrior,” he said.

Robert couldn’t think of a better name for a dog who has fought through so much and come out strong and resilient on the other side.

Thanks to our bighearted donors, Binna is now enjoying the pampered and loving forever home she always deserved.

Robert says Binna is making herself right at home.

Binna loves going to the beach for an adventure.

Robert is extremely grateful for all the dedication and compassion shown to Binna during her time at our Lonsdale shelter.

“I can’t thank you enough for not giving up on her. And I promise you I’m going to do my part to make sure she gets the same level of love and attention for the rest of her life,” says Robert.

Thank you for supporting our Animal Emergency Fund and helping us create happy endings for dogs like Binna.

We’re so grateful to all our supporters who made Binna’s new life a reality. Want to help more animals in urgent need, just like ANIMAL NAME? Head over here to see our current emergency appeals.

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